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We have created some guides and collected additional web resources to help you with APA citation style.

St. Kate's APA Guides

St. Kate's APA Citation Guides

These guides were created by St. Kate's Librarians and are designed to help you get started with the basics of APA. The Quick Guide shows the most common citations you may need to know, and the Formatting Papers and Annotated handouts will help you if you have to format your paper in APA style or create an annotated bibliography.

Additional APA Resources

Additional APA Web Resources

There are many great APA resources on the web. Here are a couple useful ones that may help you.

APA Manual

Official APA Manual

If you still have more questions about APA, you should look in the official manuals.

APA Workshop

APA Workshop for Graduate Students

Every semester we hold a well-attended APA Workshop for Graduate Students. The spring 2016 workshop was recorded and you can view the videos below.


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