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RefWorks FAQs & Troubleshooting

Here you'll find some common questions we get about RefWorks and some tips we have for troubleshooting common issues.

RefWorks FAQs

Common RefWorks FAQs

These are some common questions we hear about using RefWorks.

Q: How do I get references into my RefWorks account?

Q: Can I use RefWorks on a Mobile Device?

Q: Can RefWorks help me with my in-text citations?

Yes! Yes is the answer to all three of these questions. Read more about these and other things on our RefWorks Advanced Help page

Q: How long will I have access to my RefWorks account after I graduate?

As long as St. Kate's subscribes to RefWorks, you will be able to use it. You may need to contact us to get the current Group Code. (Note: as a matter of good housekeeping, we review statistics for all SCU accounts once per year. At that time, we may delete accounts with very few references that have not been accessed in several years. If you think yours is one of those deleted, just create a new account.)

Q: Is there a limit to how many references I can have in my RefWorks account?

No, there isn't. Keep in mind, however, that certain operational features (such as creating a bibliography) may be slower the more references you have in your account.

Q: Do I need to back-up my account?

No, you don't need to since they do back it up once a day. If you'd like to create a back up for your own peace of mind, you can. Just log into your RefWorks account, go to References --> Export, and follow the directions. Save the file created to your computer or a flash drive.

Q: Can I use RefWorks to store my articles, as well as organize them?

Yes! Just locate the full text of an article and save a copy of the PDF on your desktop. Now find that reference in your RefWorks account and click the Edit icon. Scroll down to Attachments, and navigate to the PDF you stored on your desktop. Save the file. A copy of the article is now stored in RefWorks.

Q: I have to do a group project. How can our group use RefWorks?

RefWorks is great for collaboration! Simply create a RefWorks account and share the username and password among group members. Each person can then enter references, make notes and comments, etc. When the project is finished, each member can download a copy of the references into their private RefWorks accounts, if desired.


Troubleshooting Questions

These are some common troubleshooting questions we hear about RefWorks.

Q: I get an error message when I log in?

Are you logged in with your St. Kate's username and password? Also, try using a different browser to access RefWorks. For instance, if you've been using Internet Explorer as your browser, try Firefox instead.

Q: I set up my account at St. Thomas but am using the St. Kate's databases. How can I get references into that RefWorks account?

You will need the St. Thomas Group Code (contact St. Thomas for that information). When you get to the RefWorks login screen (the one where you enter your username and password), look for the link "not my institution." Click there and enter the St. Thomas Group Code.

Q: Sometimes when I try to export, nothing seems to happen?

Is your pop-up blocker turned off? Exporting to RefWorks activates a pop-up. Look for the yellow bar above the screen, or go to Tools and look for a way to turn it off, then try again. If the pop-up blocker is off and it still does not help, try using a different browser.

Q: I forgot my username and password. Help?

RefWorks generates an e-mail when an account is created with your username and password in it. Look to see if you still have this e-mail (it will be from RefWorks also provides a "Forgot my password" option on the login screen. If all else fails, you can create a new account and start fresh. The St. Kate's RefWorks administrators do not have the capacity to look up passwords or access accounts.

Q: It's 2 a.m. on a Sunday and I need help. Where can I get help?

Help within RefWorks is very good. Just search the index located under the Help tab in the gray toolbar in RefWorks.

If you're having a technical problem, you can send an e-mail to RefWorks. Just click the Contact Us link at the top of your RefWorks account. Tell them your account is with St. Catherine University and explain the problem.

Q: The bibliography created by RefWorks doesn't look right?

Just like other citation tools out there, RefWorks isn't perfect. There is no perfect citation tool. You are ultimately responsible for the accuracy of your bibliography, so you always want to proof the final work.

Here are some common errors we recommend looking for:

  • Incorrect font
  • Punctuation
  • Indentation
  • Capitalization
  • Italics
  • Is all of the citation information present?