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February 19, 2018

Continued Conversations on Immigrant Experiences

More events & resources on the immigrant experience

At her lecture on February 12, historian Maureen Murphy gave life and voice to the Irish Immigrant Girls exhibit currently on display in the St. Paul library, highlighting the many connections between the mission in New York City and the CSJs here in St. Paul. Although the lecture is over, events centered on the exhibit are still unfolding on campus.

  • Students continued to explore the topic of the immigrant experience as Professor Murphy visited their classes throughout the week.
  • On Thursday, March 1, there will be a roundtable discussion connecting the immigrant stories told in the exhibit with those of today. This event features students and faculty speakers and is co-sponsored by Abigail Quigley McCarthy Center for Women and Libraries, Media Services, and Archives.
  • Still want to learn more about immigration? Our Research Guide is a good starting point for resources in our collection on the immigrant experience and immigration issues.

Remember, the Irish Mission at Watson House Library Exhibit remains on display through April 29 if you haven’t visited yet or would like to come again!

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