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August 22, 2016

Welcome to the New Library Website

Screenshot from the top of the library homepage.

Welcome to the new library website!

Over the summer we worked with campus Marketing & Communications to transfer the library website into the new campus design. We tried to make everything as seamless as possible with this new website, so we kept the name of most things or kept them in similar spots, but a few things are different. Here's some information that might help you navigate the site.

Tabbed Box vs. Search Box & Buttons

On the old library website you probably used the tabbed box in the middle of the page the most. On the new site, instead of the tabbed box, there is a big box at the top of the library homepage.

In the box on the top of the homepage, you can find everything that was in the tabbed box on the old site, though some things are in a different location. Here's a rundown of the changes:

  • Search - The main search box is still the same. Enter your keywords in the search box at the top of the page and it will search for books, articles, media, and more.
  • Databases is now Articles - If you're trying to find databases, you'll want to click on the Articles button. There you can find Databases by Subject, Databases by Name, and Databases by Content.
  • Journal Titles Search is now under Articles - If you're trying to see if we have access to a certain journal or a certain newspaper or magazine, click on the Articles button and use the Find Journals by Title search.
  • Videos is now Media - If you're looking for videos, images, or audio, you'll now want to click on the Media button where you'll find a search box as well as access to certain media collections.
  • Digital Collections is new - This is a new button. It will lead you to things like Sophia, our institutional repository, and Sophia Scholar faculty profiles. You can also find digital collections for things like The Wheel and Ariston.

Short Video Introduction

We also made a short video introduction showing how to use some features listed above.


Do you have any questions about the new site? Any kudos or complaints? We'd love to hear your feedback. Just fill out the Anonymous Feedback Form below.

If you want a response from us give us your email address, otherwise you can fill out the form anonymously.

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