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Leganto Reading Lists

Help with rising textbook costs by utilizing items we already have with Leganto.

What is Leganto?

What are Leganto Reading Lists?

Leganto is a tool that enables you to easily create, maintain, evaluate, and share course reading lists. You can assemble materials of all types -- physical books, ebooks, journal articles, newspaper articles, websites, videos -- and using the Leganto search feature you can easily find and add these items from the library. You can also reuse lists from semester to semester.

Using Leganto

Create a Leganto Reading List

Leganto Reading Lists can be easily added to Brightspace D2L or you can get a link to Leganto Reading Lists. To learn more about creating a Leganto Reading List, visit the Leganto Reading List Guide.

Ask your subject librarian for help creating your list or to troubleshoot any questions.

Leganto Policies

Policies for Leganto Reading Lists

Step 2 of the Leganto Reading List Guide shows how to add different types of items to Leganto, so refer to it for specific instructions.

Please keep these policies in mind when adding items to Leganto:

  • Allow 3-5 business days for reading lists to be processed in the library.
  • Course resources must go through Leganto because this is how we maintain copyright compliance. Materials out of compliance will be removed from lists and faculty members will be notified.
  • Physical items placed on reserve must be added to Leganto and:
    • Will be shelved behind the library circulation desk, for the length of the class, and students need to present their St. Kate’s ID in order to check them out. We do not offer permanent reserves.
    • Must be on a Leganto list for each semester they are needed. Different sections of the same course can all utilize the same list, or lists can be copied from semester to semester.
    • Items borrowed from other libraries, from retail stores, and personal copies cannot be placed on reserve. Contact your subject librarian about purchasing these items for the library. We will not purchase items that are already in our collection.
  • Leganto Reading Lists are never deleted and can be associated with multiple sections of the same course or copied from semester to semester.

Open Access Texts

Affordable Textbooks and Course Materials: Open Access Texts

Nationally, the average undergraduate student spends over $1,200 a year on textbooks and other course materials. Recent surveys indicate that 65% of students have chosen not to purchase a course text because it was too expensive. St. Catherine University Library can help faculty find and use alternative, high quality, low cost materials in their courses in efforts to lower these costs for students. Go to the Affordable Textbooks Guide for more information.


Contact your subject librarian.