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October 20, 2016

Archives Display: Wildcat Weekend

Check out archive materials on Wildcat Weekend

As St. Kate’s gears up for the inaugural Wildcat Weekend we look to the past to see the huge strides in our athletic programs. Stop by our Display Case on the 2nd floor of CdC to learn more and to see some vintage sports photographs, brochures and memorabilia from the University Archives. We even have a vintage gym uniform, a navy blue romper with a stylish white belt, perfect for a game of volleyball.

In the past Fontbonne Hall was the home base of athletic programs. This is where physical education classes were held and also where each team would practice and play. The gymnastics team practiced in the gym and in the 70s would even film their routines to later evaluate them closer. Their filming equipment included a large camera connected to a shoulder bag with the tapes--bet they wish they could use a phone!

Athletics have come a long way at St. Kate’s. In the beginning sports were not a common activity for women so the sisters had to work extra hard to let students play them. They argued that physical activity was healthy for women and would help women focus and learn. Turns out the sisters were right! Athletic gear has also made huge advances; imagine going to Butler in a romper instead of your sweats. Sneakers also were not always common and in some photographs students are playing field hockey in short heels.

Even though athletics have changed throughout the years a few things have stayed the same. We’re all immensely proud of our athletes and the great work they do to promote our University and to crush our rivals.

For more information on the history of St. Catherine University, visit the Archives and Special Collections online or in person in room CDC62 in the lower level of the Library; open Monday-Friday from 9:30-4:30.

This student from 1927 is playing field hockey in low-heeled pumps

Powderpuff football was a popular intramural sport in the 1970s and 1980s