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June 07, 2017

Workarounds for CLICsearch off-campus issues

Off-campus access should be working now, but we'll leave this here just in case you're still having issues

We recently unveiled CLICsearch on the library homepage, but with any new system there are always bugs to work out. One issue that some people are having is accessing electronic materials through CLICsearch when working off-campus.

Some electronic items aren't linking correctly in CLICsearch. If you find an ebook or an online journal article in CLICsearch and you click the link to get the full text, you might see another message asking you to login, like this one:

This message is an error in the system, but until they are fixed there is a workaround.

When you're looking at an item in CLICsearch, it gives you a link to where that item is, like this:

If you try clicking that link and you are given one of the error login boxes like the one inserted above, then that link in CLICsearch isn't set up correctly.

However, this book is available and you can find it if you go into the ebrary Academic Complete database.

Follow these directions to locate a database and find an item:

  1. When a CLICsearch link doesn't work for you, take note of the database it says the item is in and go to our Databases A-Z page.
  2. Locate the database you need in the A-Z list and click on it to enter it. Off-campus you may be prompted to login with Kateway.
  3. When you enter the database, search for the title of the item you need. For instance for this item, I'd go into ebrary Academic Complete and search for Advances in Interpreting Research.

We apologize for these issues in our new CLICsearch system. We hope to have them fixed by the beginning of next week.

If you have any questions or need help locating items, don't hesitate to contact us for help.

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