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September 27, 2018

Need Research Help? Find Your Subject Librarian!

Ask a Librarian

Doing research for an assignment and not sure where to begin?

Started your research and you're not finding what you need?

Looking for something specific that you just can't find?

You need your subject librarian's help!

The librarians here at St. Kate's work with different subject areas, meaning we offer research and instruction assistance to different departments. So you may see one of us in your classes showing you how to find research for assignments, or we may be the one your faculty member recommends you reach out to when you have questions.

So if you're doing an assignment in nursing and you need help, you may want to reach out to the librarian who works with nursing - Cindy Graham. Or if you're trying to find historical research, you may want to talk to the librarian who works with history - Amy Mars.

So who is the librarian for your subject? Find out on our Find Your Subject Librarian page.