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April 13, 2018

Wanna watch some feature films? Try Swank!

Get Out, Lady Bird & More!

We're trying a new service, Swank, where we can purchase feature films and documentaries for a limited time for use in and outside classrooms. To try out this service we have ordered some popular feature films and documentaries you might want to watch (especially with the snowpocalypse headed our way).

So have you seen Get Out? I, Tonya? The Big Sick? Served Like a Girl? Traffic Stop? These are just some of the feature films and documentaries included. It's a small collection, but we bet you'll find something you're interested in. Just go into Swank and then choose that you're a Student to see the available films.

But hurry up and watch them, because they won't be around forever. Some of these titles expire in a month, some will be around for a year, so watch them before they're gone!