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Help your students by embedding librarians and library resources in your Brightspace D2L classroom. Subject librarians are ready and willing to help you make Brightspace D2L as seamless as possible by including relevant library resources.

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Librarians Embedded in Brightspace D2L

Let your students meet a librarian in Brightspace D2L. Consider contacting your Subject Librarian and adding them to your Brightspace D2L course. If we're in your course we can:

  • Embed library resources, help guides, and other materials to help students easily access library resources and services.
  • Assist you in creating and inserting direct links to articles found in library databases in Brightspace D2L.
  • Email your students to remind them of our help and encourage them to contact us.

To add a librarian, just follow these steps:

  • In your course in Brightspace D2L, click on Edit Course and then Self-Registration (as seen in this screenshot);
  • Then click on the Add Participant link and search for a librarian's name (as seen in this screenshot);
  • Find the librarian in your list of results, give them the role of Librarian, and then add them to your course (as seen in this screenshot).

Direct Linking to Articles or Video

Faculty can create direct links to articles or videos found in library databases and insert these links into the content of their Brightspace D2L courses. Doing this complies with copyright, allows students to access articles or videos with their Kateway login, and gives you stats on how many times an item has been viewed.

Depending upon the database you're using, you may have to do one of two things: get the permanent link or add the EZProxy prefix information.

Permanent Links

Many databases give you access to a permanent link to the article. They often refer to this link as the permanent link, persistent link, or permalink. Databases have these links in different places, for instance here's information for EBSCO, ProQuest, and the Films on Demand databases:

  • In EBSCO databases, you want to click on the article title and then look under the Tools on the right for the Permalink.
  • In ProQuest databases, you want to click on the Abstract/Details page of an article and scroll down to find the Document URL.
  • In Films on Demand, pull up the video and scroll below it to find the Record URL.

Contact your Subject Librarian for more help linking to articles in library databases.

EZProxy Prefix

If you can't locate the permanent link, or if you want to link to the full database and not just one article, you can add the EZProxy prefix to a link. Off-campus access to library resources is made possible by our EZproxy server, which prompts you to login from off-campus. If you want to share a link with other people at St. Kate's, make sure the URL includes the EZproxy prefix:

For example, the URL for accessing JSTOR is:

To add the prefix, copy the link to the item you want from the database and paste it into this EZProxy box and click the Add Proxy button to retrieve the full URL:

For more help with EZProxy prefixes, contact our Systems Librarian Amy Shaw: | 651.690.6423

embedding videos

Embedding Videos in Brightspace D2L

In some of our streaming video databases (visit the Media page below to search these databases), there are embed codes you can add to Brightspace D2L to embed the video in the classroom. Here is information about our most-used streaming video databases:

In AVON: Academic Video Online or Nursing Education in Video:

  • Pull up the video and click on the Embed/Link link below it.
  • A window pops up showing you the permalink and embed code.

In Kanopy Streaming:

  • Pull up the video and click on the Share link below it.
  • Then click on the Embed link and the code will pop up.


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