Collection Development Policies

Collection Development Policy for the Library

The St. Catherine Libraries and Archives exist to support the vision and mission of St. Catherine University. Through its services, personnel, facilities, collections and technology, the Libraries and Archives support and enrich the curricula, programs and activities of the College.

This policy covers the selection of library collections. The collections reflect the nature of the college’s programs and curricula. As libraries supporting a Carnegie Classifications Master’s Colleges & Universities institution, in addition to managing collections serving the needs of undergraduates and their majors, the libraries must also support more extensive research collections for graduate and doctoral level work in the professional programs. The collections include a wide range of resources in print, electronic, visual and audio formats, located within the libraries or accessible through electronic retrieval systems.

The St. Catherine Libraries uphold and promote the American Library Association documents on intellectual freedom as set forth in the Library Bill of Rights, The Freedom to Read Statement and the Intellectual Freedom Statement. The Libraries support the individual's right to choose; therefore, an effort is made to represent various sides of controversial issues. Decisions to purchase are not made on the basis of any anticipated approval or disapproval but solely on the merits of the work in relation to the building of the collection and to serving the needs of patrons.

The Libraries first commitment is to select and acquire materials related to and in support of the curriculum. Secondary in importance are materials to support limited faculty research and special collections.

Deselection Guidelines

Reconsideration of Materials Policy in the Libraries

Decisions about what items to select and preserve in Library collections are guided by several key documents. Materials are selected according to the collection development goals, general criteria, and subject-specific guidelines set forth in our Library Collection Development Policy. Additionally, the St. Catherine Library subscribes to the principles expressed in the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read Statement. Further, the Libraries are guided by St. Catherine University’s commitment to the Church’s intellectual tradition and the open atmosphere of critical inquiry. These guide the Library’s important role in selecting and preserving items that represent a diversity of thought and opinion.

A St. Catherine University community member may find an item owned by the Libraries that he or she considers controversial or objectionable. Concerns about controversial topics or objectionable items should be addressed with the St. Catherine University Library Director. If a St. Catherine University community member would like the Library to reconsider the inclusion of a specific item in the Library collection, a written request should be submitted to the Library Director, using the Reconsideration Request Form, which can be obtained from the Library Director. The Library Director, along with the Head of Collection Services and the appropriate Librarian Subject Selector(s) will consider the request for reconsideration. The Library Director will respond to the requester in writing.

Policies approved March 9, 2012

American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights

American Library Association's Freedom to Read Statement