Records Management

Transferring Records

The Archives welcomes transfers (donations) of materials that help document the history of the institution. Before sending materials to us, faculty and staff should consult our guidelines below and should also complete the Records Transfer Form. A copy of this form should be attached to your transfer.

How to transfer records to the Archives:

Records Transfer Form (PDF)

Additional information regarding records management at the University can be found below.

Questions? Contact the archivist at

Records Management at St. Kate's

Consult the Records Retention Schedule (spreadsheet) for guidance regarding records in your office.

The Master Record Holder listed on the retention schedule is the person/office responsible for the official copy of a record. If you are the Master Record Holder, you are responsible for maintaining the records for the period stated in the schedule.

If you are not the Master Record Holder for any records in your office, you should keep those unofficial copies no longer than 2 years. Some examples of commonly held unofficial copies are:

  • Financial records: purchase orders; invoices; reimbursement requests and documentation
  • Employment records: personnel action forms, annual reviews, and other personnel file copies; time cards; student employment certifications -- Contact Human Resources with questions
  • Student records: transcripts, grades, course schedules, advising files -- Contact the Registrar with questions
  • Meeting minutes and agendas

Records with a retention of "permanent" should not be destroyed or discarded.