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Archives and Special Collections is available to the University community and to those who have a legitimate purpose for using the collections, such as scholarly research. Materials do not circulate or otherwise leave the premises unless permission is given by the Archivist. Please contact us at to schedule an appointment.

Information for Visitors to the Archives

Visitors are welcome in Archives and Special Collections. Please be aware that we follow certain archival and preservation practices to ensure our materials remain available to users in the future.

  • Because of the uniqueness and value of our collections, security measures are in place at all times. We ask that researchers complete a registration form and be accompanied by a staff member at all times while using the Archives.
  • Users should wash their hands before using the collection and avoid using any moisturizer or hand sanitizer. If hands become soiled from newsprint or other materials, please rewash hands before handling other items. Staff may require researchers to wear cotton gloves while handling some materials.
  • For note taking, researchers may use laptop computers or paper and pencils. Pens, markers, and highlighters are not permitted in the Reading Room. We provide space to store coats, bags, and other belongings.
  • For preservation of items in the collection, please treat them with respect and handle all materials with extreme care. We ask researchers to not mark on or fold any pages, take notes on top of pages, or turn volumes face down on the table.
  • The archivist will assist researchers in identifying desired materials. These materials will be retrieved from the collection by a staff person. The number of items requested at one time may be limited.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the Reading Room.
  • Photocopying or scanning must be done by permission only, and at the researcher's expense. Materials may be reproduced only when such duplication can be done without injury to the material. The Archivist will determine whether an item is too fragile to be copied.
  • Permission is required for digital cameras and other scanning devices. Use of these devices will be at our discretion.

Reproductions & Use of Archive Materials

Requests for reproductions or permission to use materials in the Archives and Special Collections must be made in writing using the Request for Reproduction and Use of Materials form (PDF) 

Requests are accepted at our discretion. We reserve the right to refuse any order. Reasons for refusal include, but are not limited to:

  • Reproduction can not be done without injury to the material
  • Reproduction or use violates donor agreements or copyright restrictions
  • Number of reproductions requested is excessive

There are no reproduction or use fees for St. Catherine University faculty or staff for University business purposes or for Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.

Reproduction Fees

8 1/2" x 11" or 8 1/2" x 14" $0.25 / page

Digital Files
Book or document (pdf) $5.00 / page

Photograph, image, drawing, or map (jpeg or tiff)

  • 300 ppi $5.00 / image
  • 600 ppi $15.00 / image
  • Oversize $25.00 / image

Usage Fees

Non-profit entities

  • First item $25.00 / item
  • Additional items $10.00 / item
  • Text excerpts $50 / item
  • Video/Television/Film $75

For-profit entities

  • Editorial use (book, article, etc.)
    • First item $50.00 / item
    • Additional items $30.00 / item
  • Non-editorial/Advertising use (book cover, brochure, poster, etc.)
    • First item $100.00 / item
    • Additional items $60.00 / item
  • Video/Television/Film $150

Request for Reproduction and Use of Materials (PDF)

Questions? Contact us.

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