Corporal Mercy with Ade Bethune


Corporal Mercy with Ade Bethune

Visit the Library Exhibit Space to reflect on social justice, workers rights, and mercy with the artwork of Ade Bethune.

Co-curated by Zach Ludwig (Campus Minister) and Amy Shaw (Archivist)

January 30 through March 14, 2024


Ade Bethune was a 20th century Catholic artist and activist. Her art pieces come in myriad mediums; from wood carvings to drawings to portraits. Many of these pieces are housed here at St. Kate’s. She is most well known for her artistic pursuits with the Catholic Worker, a Catholic social justice paper started by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin. Her artistic expression helped  to bring the Catholic Worker’s message to life, with stunning pieces that highlight persons and saints throughout history.

This art exhibit highlights her pieces on the Catholic “works of mercy.” These works of mercy ask us to do good for the poor; such as feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and sheltering the unsheltered. Ade depicted various people throughout history embodying these works. From wealthy nobles who gave up their wealth to the poor, to those who lived simple and humble lives in pursuit of serving others. The exhibit space encourages quiet reflection and includes places to sit, and a space for contemplative coloring.

Stop by the exhibit during Library Hours, and learn more about the Ade Bethune Collection in our Archives.