Graduate Research Projects are Moving!


Sofia Files are moving

Graduate capstone projects and theses will be moving to a different digital collections platform. Sophia will no longer exist by the end of June, and we will migrate the research projects to a new digital collection of graduate research over the summer and into the fall. Unfortunately, this may make the PDFs of past projects a bit more difficult to access. 

Contact a librarian at to request the PDF full text of a research project. Be aware that some research projects are under embargo and are not accessible, for instance, some DNP and MAHS projects from the past 2 years. We hope to have them all migrated to the new platform sometime in the fall and available for viewing and downloading.

Between July 1 and later in the fall, the project citations and descriptions can still be found in LibSearch. Below is information, by department, about how to search for your program’s works through LibSearch.

Graduate Research Projects Guide