A Time for Change

Activism and Social Justice at St. Kate’s

Explore the university archives with an exhibit curated by Associate Professor Rachel Neiwert's Historiography students to understand the search for social justice at St. Kate’s from the early twentieth century to the present day.


Since its beginnings in 1905, St. Kate’s has prided itself on “responding to the needs of the time.” Over the past 116 years, major international and domestic events have sparked change on campus and our understanding of social justice has evolved and expanded. Katies have responded to wars; calls to extend rights, equality, and justice to marginalized communities; debates about immigration; and the evolution of education and technology. Looking through The Wheel demonstrates students’ perspectives on “the needs of their times.” Travel around our wheel of St. Kate’s time and consider: How are we “responding to the needs of our time”?

Listen to a voice recording of a history student's narration of the exhibit here!